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Since the two Peirceana issues of VS of 1988 and 1990, much has changed in Peirce scholarship. The present issue deals with Peirce’s notions of iconism and iconic sign, which are addressed by different and complementary perspectives. For Peirce an icon is not simply a sign that resembles its object, but more precisely a sign by the perception of which other truths concerning its object can be discovered than those that were contained in the instructions for its construction. This idea has become central in current research on diagrammatic thinking, philosophy of logic and mathematics, and visual and cognitive semiotics.

edited by Francesco Bellucci, Claudio Paolucci

Authors: Francesco Bellucci, Claudio Paolucci, Costantino Marmo, Marc Champagne, Jean-Marie Chevalier, Riccardo Finocchi, Antonio Perri, Francesco Pennisi, Valentina Cuccio, Fausto Caruana, Lucio Spaziante.

Peirce e l’iconismo / Peirce and Iconism

by Francesco Bellucci, Claudio Paolucci

Peirce e la teoria medievale delle relazioni, 1865-1867 / Peirce and the Medieval Theory of Relations, 1865-1867

by Costantino Marmo

Poinsot versus Peirce on Merging with Reality by Sharing a Quality

by Marc Champagne

The Problem of Resemblance in Peirce’s Semiotics and Philosophy

by Jean-Marie Chevalier

Phenomenological dream. Allucinazione semiotica e manipolazione digitale / Phenomenological Dream. Semiotic Hallucination and Digital Manipulation

by Riccardo Finocchi, Antonio Perri

Il rapporto tra icone, indici e percezione attraverso le riflessioni di Peirce sulla fotografia / The Relation between Icons, Indices, and Perception in Peirce’s Remarks on Photography

by Francesco Parisi, Paola Pennisi

Il corpo come icona. Abduzione, strumenti ed Embodied Simulation / The Body as an Icon. Abduction, Tools, and Embodied Simulation

by Valentina Cuccio, Fausto Caruana

Suono e linguaggio audiovisivo: indicalità, percezione sonora, iconismo / Sound and Audiovisual Language: Indexicality, Sound Perception, Iconicity.

by Lucio Spaziante

Peirce e Wittgenstein su parentesi e altri segni. Un contributo alla storia della filosofia della notazione / Peirce and Wittgenstein on Parentheses and Other Signs. A Contribution to the History of the Philosophy of Notation

by Francesco Bellucci

Iconismo primario e gnoseologia semiotica: un percorso tra Peirce ed Eco / Primary Iconism and Semiotic Gnoseology: an Itinerary between Peirce and Eco

by Claudio Paolucci

Versus 120 (january-june 2015), Peirceana three. Sull’iconismo / On Iconism, edited by Francesco Bellucci, Claudio Paolucci
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