Educational theories are always changing but end up sounding similar to those they aim to replace. This book is different, opening up exciting new vistas that show how learning is a fundamentally semiotic (sign-governed) process. It does not simply rename traditional psychological and educational concepts with the terminology of semiotics, rather, it penetrates the essence of the human brain through the template of semiotic theory in order to expose those processes within it that are relevant to how we all learn. The implications are enormous. This is a brilliant book and should be read not only by semioticians and educators, but also by anyone who wants to understand how we learn above and beyond the instinctual biological system with which we are endowed.

Marcel Danesi, Professor of Linguistic Anthropology, University of Toronto, author of “Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics, Media, and Communications”


Francois Victor Tochon

Signs and Symbols in Education: Educational Semiotics

Deep University Press



Francois Victor Tochon, Signs and Symbols in Education, Deep University Press, 2013

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